14 Ottobre 2019

Master ICT for Development and Social Good

PRESS RELEASE 20 June 2018 hours 18

presentation of the Master ICT for development and the social good,

the first university degree in Italy focused on the application of digital technologies to social and development cooperation projects. How can digital technologies be applied to address the great social and environmental challenges of our time? This is the central theme of the new Specialized Master course designed and implemented by the University of Turin, in collaboration with the Ong 2.0 network and with the support of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, which investigates in detail the extraordinary potential (and risks) of application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to development projects in the agricultural, health, anti-poverty and human rights fields.

Objective: to create managerial figures able to make the best use of digital tools to enhance the efficiency of social programs. The Master's course takes place with the  the double formula of live and offline, with case studies and intensive courses in collaboration with companies in the sector, which aim at achieving experience  with practical skills while teaching new methodologies for project management and social innovation, ICT for collecting and examining data in development programs. From the basics of the southern part of the globe to the new trends in development such as the use of blockchain, without neglecting the importance of information security and the future implications of artificial intelligence: the topics are addressed in the master via a comprehensive overview of the challenges of this sector. To learn more about the program and documents, a public webinar (in English), will be held on 20 June 2018 from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.

Guests of the presentation Webinar:

Emilio Ciarlo, Head of Institutional Relations and Communication at the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Egidio Dansero, Full Professor at the University of Turin and member of the Scientific Committee of the Master.

Cristina Bonino, President and CEO of Consoft Sistemi S.p.a. and member of the Scientific Committee of the Master.

Paola Fava, co-founder of Gnucoop, project manager for UNHCR, teacher of the Master for the "ICT for Health" module.

Ron Salaj, Tutor and coordinator of the activities of the Master for Ong 2.0. To participate in the presentation webinar: http://bit.ly/MasterPresentation

The ICT Master for development and social welfare was conceived and implemented by the University of Turin in collaboration with the Ong 2.0 network, with the technical and scientific advice of Consoft Sistemi, and with the support of the Italian Cooperation Agency development and Compagnia di San Paolo, as part of the digital transformation project for sustainable development (AID 011487) developed by CISV onlus with the help of partners, companies, companies in the sector and research institutions ::

ACCRI, ADP, ASPEm , AST, Celim, CoCoPa, COMI, COPE, COSPE, CVCS, CVCS, CVM, Milan Polytechnic Foundation LVIA, OSM, OSVIC, Progetto Mondo MLAL, SAA - School of Management, WeMake srl,

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