The CO.P.E. in Italy it has its registered office in Via Vittorio Emanuele 159, 95131 in Catania; the 2 operational offices are:

Catania, Via Crociferi n. 38, 95124, telephone 095-317390,
St. Michael of Ganzaria, Via dei Greci n. 71 (Province of Catania)
The Catania office is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 17.30.

Abroad, in developing countries, the CO.P.E. has offices accredited in Guinea Bissau, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Here are our telephone and e-mail contacts, contact us:

  • cope[at] for general information on our NGO, to become a volunteer, for traineeships in Italy, to present their CV, for solidarity favors, for administration, for requests for registration / unsubscription newsletter.
  • presidenza[at] for institutional communications, official presentations;
  • direzione[at] for general information on our projects abroad, project proposals, for the search for expatriate staff and internships abroad;
  • serviziocivile[at] for information regarding the volunteer camps, the Spices and the Civil Service Abroad;
  • ecg[at] for information regarding collaborations with schools, projects carried out and project proposals in Italy, educational tools concerning the issues of sustainable development, social inclusion of migrants, and North-South imbalances;
  • raccoltafondi[at] for information on the social report, donations, the organisation of events and fund raising activities  to support the projects; to get to know enterprise social responsibility and for parnterships in the sector;
  • sostegnoadistanza[at] to activate distance support, receiving updates or signaling a problem;
  • comunicazionecope[at] for everything related to site content, social networks, newsletter contributions, press relations, activities and events.
  • volontariato[at] for information on the volunteering camps e information on CO.P.E.'s activities in Italy and abroad;
  • edu-eu[at]  for information on activities and proposals related to European projects;
  • cope.dar[at] to contact our volunteers at the Dar es Salaam site, Tanzania for on-site collaborations;
  • sicilyhouse.cope[at] for information on the reception and accommodation facility in Dar es Salaam;
  • madagascar[at] to contact our volunteers at the Ambanja site, Diana region, Madagascar for on-site collaborations.
  • cope.guinea.bissau[at] to contact our volunteers at Guinea Bissau.



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    Da più di 35 anni ci impegniamo a cambiare il mondo al fianco delle popolazioni locali.
    via Vittorio Emanuele 159 Catania

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